Vegan Melbourne

Vegan? In Melbourne, Australia? You're in good company. Melbourne is a fantastic city to be vegan in. There are plenty of great places to eat, markets, and community events happening every week.


Melbourne has a vibrant vegan social scene, with regular dinners, drinks, discussion groups, and picnics!

Everyone is welcome, whether you're a lifer or just thinking about becoming vegan. We're mostly on Facebook, and a number of us blog.

Facebook Groups

  1. Vegans of Melbourne Facebook Group
  2. Monthly Melbourne Vegan Strength Training
  3. Melbourne Vegan Club


Melbourne hosts a large number of activist organisations, all working together to cover everything from outreach to animal rescue.

If you are new to veganism or the city, we run a small vegan mentoring group most months to help you get started.


Aside from the cafes and restaurants, there are a large number of vegan businesses based in Melbourne.

Places to shop and eat

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